Reiki is a Japanese word for the Cosmic healing energy. It is a very simple yet a powerful technique that can be learned and practiced by anyone. Reiki is a type of divine, pure and positive energy that finds its source in the Supreme Consciousness and is capable of healing everything and anything that one can think of. Reiki is the only miraculous gift of god which on account of its spiritual background, has been successfully tapped and practiced not only in the spiritual aspects of life but is also known to bestow the world of medical science with results that are thrilling, astounding and phenomenal.


Dowsing is a quest for information, with or without the assistance of a device such as a L-Rod, Pendulum ..knowledge that informs the human subconscious and to use this intuitive information only for the highest good

Dowsing for Things

  • To find the most beneficial place to drill for water
  • Dowsing for Oil and determine prior to drilling if it will be cost effective
  • Dowse for Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds. etc

Crystal Therapy

*10  popular crystals for healing*


  • For All-Round Goodness: Turquoise
  • Stress Reduction: Amethyst
  • Need Clarity: Blue Topaz
  • Vulnerable: Crystal Quartz
  • Instability: Moonstone
  • Conquer Fear: Onyx
  • Find Love: Rose Quartz
  • Money Stone: Citrine
  • Artist’s Stone: Amazonite
  • Luxury for Life: Ruby


Every child is unique
Help them to know for which career option they should go for so that they can excel in that field
4 Types of reports Available 

  1. 12  Pages report
  2. 33 Pages report
  3. 55 Pages report
  4. 77 Pages report


  • The best gift parents can give to their child
  • It will help them identifying for which field his brain is made for
  • The complete report of child’s psychology , behaviour , intelligence level
  • Career options and much more

Mid Brain Activation

  • Brain Gym
  • Mental Exercises
  • Dance & Zomba
  • Participants will be able to view colors of cardboard with their eyes closed
    Duration : 2 Days full and 12 follow up sessions


Consultation includes :
1) Basic remedies based on problem
2) Name numerology
3) Mobile numerology
4 ) Vehicle numerology
5 ) House Numerology
6) Relationship Numerology
7)Success Numerology

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