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Dr. MIKAO USUI Memorial Award 2023 – For Excellence in Ancient Healing

Everything in this universe is energy , tune in

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Our mission is to make a stress free society

We keep coming up with new events, seminars, sessions for the healing the issue related to health, mental stability and ease the decision making for setting up target in our life.

Our team work 24*7 for the development and improvement of various mental healing practices.

  • You are here for a purpose, Stop being the prisoner of the past and become the architect of your future
  • What you focus expands and grows, always focus what you want never focus what you don’t want
  • One secret for a joyful living is Attitude of gratitude
  • When you learn to love yourself everything falls into balance
  • Everything in this universe is energy , tune in
  • Celebrate  Life
  • CEO of a company is examined by its profit

You are a CEO of your life and examined by how happy you are
If you are happy in your life , You proved yourself to be a good CEO of your life


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Had a two days session and felt really nice. It was a divine session to meet inner-self and clean your aura. Thanks Aditiya !

  – Abhisar Bhatnagar

Recently by the divine grace of reiki, i happened to get myself attuned in Level 2 reiki from Aditya. It was a wonderful experience. The level 2 course was unique as it introduced the sacred symbols of Reiki. The course material was awesome and the meditation sessions made it more engaging. Aditya definitely deserves appreciation for this wonderful course creation. After getting attunement, my energy levels have definitely gone up.
I recommend Level 2 attunement to anyone who wishes to soak in this divine energy.

– Vaidya Ritesh Mahajan

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