Dowsing is a quest for information, with or without the assistance of a device such as a L-Rod, Pendulum ..knowledge that informs the human subconscious and to use this intuitive information only for the highest good

Uses of Dowsing

Dowsing has been around for many hundreds of years and one of the most common uses of dowsing is to find things. I have talked to so many people who have no idea what dowsing is, but when asked if they know what water witching is, some have some great stories. When I first learned of dowsing I was told it was for getting Yes and No answers. After reading many books on the subject I found that there are so many uses for dowsing than one could hardly imagine. Therefore, for those new to dowsing, I thought I would compile a list of some of the things for which I and others have dowsed.

Dowsing for Things

  • To find the most beneficial place to drill for water.
  • To make sure that the water you are drilling for will suit your purpose, for example is it potable or is there enough water to water your crops?
  • Dowsing for Oil and determine prior to drilling if it will be cost effective, as well as the details required similar to locating water
  • Dowse for Minerals such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds.
  • Dowse for treasure. Treasure could mean a buried Pirate Chest for some, for some it might be an ancient arrowhead.
  • Dowse for buried Electrical Cables (my son did this many years ago, & other buried items such as gas lines or water lines etc.
  • Dowse inside and outside of your home
  • Dowse for lost items, a lost ring, or lost keys, even a lost family pet.
  • Dowse for missing persons.
  • Dowse for directions if you are lost or when driving dowse the best route to take to avoid storms, accidents or construction

Dowsing Workshop

  • Learn all the basics of dowsing to search , choose and heal
  • Body dowsing 
  • Hand dowsing 
  • Dowsing with L rods , pendulum and chakra scanner 
  • Duration : 1 day 
  • Manual , L rods , chakra scanner , crystal pendulum 


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