*Lama Fera*: It is a Secret and Highly Powerful Healing Technique which was given by *Lord Buddha* and have been practiced by *Tibetan Monks/Lamas* since *620 B.C.*!!!

It is a *Unique System of Healing* in which we learn *How to Channel the Powerful Healing Energy of Lord Buddha and Heal Diseases/Problems with His Energy*!
Lord Buddha will *Enter your Soul* and *transmit his Powerful Energy through you to the patient*…. Which will create *Miraculous Healing*!!!


1. Lama Fera Healing helps *Heal Big/Serious illnesses* very powerfully!
2. You can heal *the Negative effects of all Nine Planets/Kundali Dosha* within 3 minutes. (Live Demonstration)
3. It *Removes all Negativities from Body, Mind and Soul* within *Minutes*!
4. With Lama Fera, *Negative Energies from Any Shop, House, Factory, Space can be Removed within 3 Minutes*.
5. *Vastu Dosha Removal* : Lama Fera can instantly remove All Negativities/Dosha from your Vastu without using any Costly Products!
6. *All Black Magic Removal from anybody’s Aura/Chakras/Body*!
7. *Very Powerfully Heals Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Worries etc*!
8. *You can Heal Relationship issues using Lama Fera*!
9. *Lama Fera can Help heal Court Cases, Child Issues, Bad Habits, Financial Problems etc*!
10. *Increases Immune System and very helpful in Increasing Spiritual Level/Higher Wisdom*!
11. *Heals Root Cause of problems by Healing Past Life Karmas/Traumas*
12. *Increases Psychic Abilities/Intuitive Powers*
13. *Connects you with Lord Buddha and His Divine Loving Peaceful Energy*!!!
14. You can charge any crystal and programme it in 3 Minutes. (Live Demonstration)
15. You can balance your chakra in 3 minutes. (Live Demonstration)
How to learn :
*Lama Fera has 02 Levels*:
1. *Level 1(Healer Level)*
2. *Level 2(Master Healer Level)*
*In Level 1 you become a Basic Lama Fera healer and learn 6 symbols and Channel Lord Buddha to Heal all Problems*
*In Level 2, You become a  Advance Lama Fera Healer and learn more 6 symbols. Now you can use all 12 secret Symbols to heal problems Very Powerfully in Lesser Time duration*

*After learning Level-3,  You will become a Lama Fera Master Teacher and can Start Teaching this Powerful Modality to others and learn how to make others a Channel of Lord Buddha’s Energy*! You can *conduct classes of All Levels of Lama Fera!*

*Duration*: *1 Day for Full course… All Levels* (2-3 Hours for Each Level)
Note : Lama Fera kit charges Rs.3000/- is extra if any body want to buy.

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